8x11 Visual Choice Board with 30 (1/2"inch) Hook Coins Attached -Great for Loose 1.5"inch Cards -Autism Educational Tools

  • $4.99

👆 Great tool to implement a choice board which allows a child to select between two or more choices (Cards are not included).
🌟please look at my store for the loose cards that's available to pair this set
🤩- Perfect to store your loose cards and stay organized.
🧩 May be used for sorting purposes and other activities.
🌟 Board can also be used as schedule or a reward chart.
💡Specifics- Each choice board measures 8x11 inches & used with the best and durable 5 mil laminated heat sheet on a 110lb
cardstock paper.

-Each slot holds 1.5x1.5 picture cards.
-Each slot contains a ½” coin hook attached. (rough side)
-Each board can be personalized as a dry erase board (markers are not included).