About Us

About Me
Smile4Autism was first established in 2009 with the goal to provide visuals cues, books, schedule and many more educational materials to families, teachers, and therapist around the world.


Mission Statement
Our mission is to empower and educate individuals on the autism spectrum through thoughtfully crafted educational books and visuals that promote understanding, acceptance, and self-advocacy. We aim to provide comprehensive and accessible resources that fosters an embracing learning environment, enhance communication skills, and celebrate the unique strengths and talents of every individual.


Our goal
Our goal is to provide comprehensive and accessible resources that cater to diverse learning needs, equipping children with valuable skills, strategies, and knowledge to navigate the world with confidence and independence.


Our product
Working with children in the spectrum, I’ve learned that every child can learn and become independent, with the use of visual support, and with the right use of tools and help. By using visuals studies have found that it allows individuals to be able to communicate by using pictures instead of, or in conjunction with speech. The visuals we provide are designed to enhance the life of each individual and their caregiver(s) by becoming independent, communicate while in theory their bad behaviors reduce and lessen.