Visual Communication book supports children with speech or
communication difficulties, it can serve as tools for expressing
themselves, requesting their needs, and understand others better.


A visual schedule is designed to provide structure that helps
children with disabilities navigate daily routines, tasks, or social
interactions independently.


Is crucial for kids with disabilities, as it breaks down complex
tasks into smaller and more manageable steps. Children can focus on mastering one step at a time and it provides clear, sequential steps, making it easier for children to comprehend and complete the task.


Is a behavioral intervention strategy that provides clear, tangible rewards for positive behaviors, helping children understand and stay motivated to engage in those behaviors. It offers structure, consistency, and visual reinforcement, which can be particularly be helpful for individuals who may struggle with abstract concepts or unpredictable environments.


Custom feature (Only for the laminate version) allows you to send your own photos to print your own personal visual cards. We also offer an option where you can send a list of custom cards you would like us to make.