Tact File folder task 4 children with Autism, Aspergers, Dyslexia, Apraxia, ADD

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Tact actions.
This file folder is designed for children who are learning to tact their functions.
It includes: 16 questions. 
It's design to rotate 8 questions and 8 answer easily in one folder. 

Each question has 1/2 Velcro dot attached.. see pictures.

Questions are as follows:

What do you see with?                                                    Eyes

What do you walk with?                                                           Feet

What do you touch with?                                                   Hands 

What do you hear with?                                                      Ears

What do you kiss and eat with?                                        Mouth

What do you smell with?                                                    Nose

What do you sleep on?                                                        Bed                                       

What do you eat with?                                                         Spoon

What do you brush your teeth with?                                    Toothbrush

What do you drink with?                                                       Cup

What do you read with?                                                       Book

What do you watch cartoons with?                                      TV

What do you make a call with?                                            Phone

What do you cut with?                                                         Scissors 

What do you play with?  Toys

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