Boy Gender Daily home Visual Schedule Kit -Great Behavior Tool for any Children to learn Independence and Structure -30 Activity Home Visual Themed Photo Cards

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  • Why Use Visual Schedules
  • Everyone needs a schedule and children often rely on visuals to gather information to understand their daily task. If your child works well with a daily schedule as a pose of a weekly planner this schedule is perfect for you. Very simple and easy to use. 
  • BENEFIT OF A DAILY SCHEDULE: Childs day becomes predictable, which can ease anxiety and manage undesired behaviors. Makes abstract time concepts such as first, next, and last more concrete. With the ability to put the finished task in an all done box, children gain greater sense of gratification and completion. Encourages children to independently accomplish their daily tasks without constant verbal reminders. Motivates children to stay organized and builds self esteem. Helps the individual to stay focus, learn new things, and broaden their interests across different skills and settings. 
  • This is a helpful learning tool for ANY child, particularly those in preschool, kindergarten and elementary school. The schedule is also very helpful for children with ASD, Autism, ADHD, and with special needs. It's perfect for displaying at home, home school, and centers.  
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Each Kit comes with a handmade schedule, 15 to 17x5 inch with 1 rough hook strip attached. Schedules are made with the best strong and durable materials, 110 lb. 17 point card stock paper laminated with 5mil sheet to protect the schedule. Each schedule has a removable ALL DONE CADDY BOX COLOR MAY VARY. Each caddy box is high quality durable polypropylene box strong to store all your cards. 
  • Each kit comes with 30 home theme activities (See Product Description for a list of the visual cards that included). Each picture measures 1.5" x 1.5" standard size and are created easily to move around with soft coin attached on the back. 
  • Each picture is corner kiss cut to prevent the child or adult from "poking" themselves or others. Each Kit is handcrafted, assembled, and ready to use: NO NEED TO CUT OR LAMINATE.

30 photo cards that's included:
make bed 
get dressed 
brush teeth 
brush hair 
wash hands 
read book 
nap time 
play time 
clean up toys 
tv time 
shoes on 
clothes in hamper 
set table 
snack time 
bath eat breakfast 
arts & crafts 
bedtime time 
listen to music 
pajamas on 
outdoor play 
go to school 
eat lunch 
eat dinner 
get backpack 

Each Picture card measures 1.5x1.5 

-5 mil heat laminated-110 lb cardstock paper- Soft loop hook attached-cut and READY TO USE!!!! 

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