Blue Home PECS Visual Schedule Support Kit Aprexia-Autism-Language-ADHD

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Why use Visual Schedule???? 

     Many teachers of children with special needs use various visual schedule throughout the day. The visual schedule gives students a sense of what will be expected of them and that there is an clear end. Depending on the level and needs of the students, the visual schedule cards may help organize the time frame as needed. 
As teachers or parents working with children with disabilities, we often assume that the 
child knows the daily schedule. Do they really know? Think how lost you would be if 
someone took away your day timer, Palm Pilot or calendar? Would you know that your 
dental appointment is exactly 6 months after your last appointment without that friendly 
reminder from your dentist office? 
Humans are visual creatures and children with disabilities often rely primarily on visual 
cues to gather information. Linda Hodgen (1995), states thatA major function of 
communication is to give information. In the typical school or home environment: 
a majority of thinformation is given verbally 
it is frequently assumed that the student already knows or remembers specific information the assumption that students already know resultin information not being given at all. 
There are many good reasons for using visual schedules with children who have 
A visual schedule: 
provides structure and predictability (which can be VERY effective in decreasing undesirable behaviors, especially with children who have Autism Spectrum Disorder). 
makes abstract time concepts, such as later, next, or last, more concrete. 
can be used to learn new vocabulary & language concepts. 
can help the child with unexpected changes in the regular schedule. 
can be used as a task analysis schedule to teach new skills. 
can help the child transition from one activity to the next. 
can increase independence! 
teaches the importance of organization. 
provides a point of reference for children with a poor attention span. 
helps make inclusion in the general education classroom more successful! 

I have created a Visual schedule focused in-home activities. Pecs cards are created easily to move around with soft velcro attached on the back. Here is a list of the 30 pecs in home activity for your usual daily home schedule and how they can be easily used through out your day! 

make bed 
get dressed 
brush teeth 
brush hair 
wash hands 
read book 
nap time 
play time 
clean up toys 
tv time 
shoes on 
clothes in hamper 
set table 
snack time 
th eat breakfast 
arts & crafts 
bed time 
lisen to music 
pajamas o
n outdoor play 
go to school 
eat lunch 
eat dinner 
get backpack 

Each picuture pecs is meausure 1.5x1.5 

-5 mil heat laminated-110 lb cardstock paper- Soft loop hook attached-cut and READY TO USE!!!! 

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