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What You Get 
-160 Colorful "Real Photo" PECS Pictures 
-1 Information Sheet to help you understand the 6 Phases of PECS
Description Of PECS 
-Each PEC measures 1.5" x 1.5" printed on White 110 lb Card Stock.
-Each PEC is heat laminated (5 mil) to protect the picture and be more sturdy.
-Each PEC is handcrafted and ready to use.
-Each PEC is mounted with 1/2 soft velcro coing attached on each pecs.  
-8 CATEGORIES in total Food, Signs, Places, Home Act., Emotions, Actions, School, & Toys
Each Category 
FOOD: pancakes, vegetables, hot dog, chips, fruits, meat/fish, pizza, lunch, breakfast, dinner, cereal, french fries, spaghetti, salad, hamburger, rice, ice cream, milk, snack foods, sandwich, fish crackers, water, juice, jello, bread, cake, candy, yogurt, applesauce, soup, FREE added Chicken Nuggets and Juice Box

TOYS: bubbles, books, shape sorter, sketching toy, beads, boat, potato head, toy cars, sand toys, trampoline, toy train, skateboard, legos, trike, airplane, blocks, iPad, board game, dinosaur, toy phone, play-doh, crayons, action heroes, stuffed animals, instruments, slinky, stacking toy, bounce on ball, puzzle, ball. Free aded ipad.

SCHOOL: Circle time, sports, motor skills, playground, break time, computer, paint, arts and crafts, library, speech therapy, bus, class, snacks, lunch box, homework.

PLACES: Pool, trip, outside, doctor visit, party, theater, dentist, beach, school, zoo, store, park, museum, aquarium, hair cut. Free added Ride in the car.

HOME ACTIVITY: Get dressed, comb hair, eat, sleep, bathe, clothes hamper, wash hands, brush teeth, clean room, medicine/vitamins, set table, bathroom, TV, time with mom, time with dad.

SIGNS: All done, go, more, loud, help, your turn, my turn, stop, I, finished, please, quiet, want, yes, no.

EMOTIONS: Scared, thirsty, sick, hungry, surprised, hot, hurt, happy, embarrassed, cold, disgusting, excited, tired, mad, sad.

ACTIONS: Sing, dance, share, choose, jump, sit, throw, cut, build, walk, blow, run, listen to music, write, drink.

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