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Smile4Autism™️ English Plastic Cartoon Communication Picture Book Language Vocabulary Learning Symbols (162 Plastic Cards Included)

Smile4Autism™️ English Plastic Cartoon Communication Picture Book Language Vocabulary Learning Symbols (162 Plastic Cards Included)

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SMILE4AUTISM: Authentic Items are only sold by smile4autism. Buying from any other seller will not get what you see in the picture listings. Be sure to select smile4autism at checkout. Others will try to imitate for a higher price.


DURABILITY: The cards are made out of plastic and it stand up to active use. It’s wear-resistant, tear-resistant, moisture-resistant for long-lasting performance. Great for school, center, parents, caregivers, and therapist like you.

*Picture cards may be passed to future generation, shared or hand down to family and friends due to its resistance and durability.



SPECIFICATION: Binder features two interior storage pockets for loose materials. Binder is color black, and it measures 9.5x7.5 convenient to travel and put in your child's backpack or carry in hand. Binder comes with 5 different colorful 10 mil poly dividers, 3 hook strips attached on each side to hold 30 cards. Each card measures 1.5 x 1.5. inch, mounted with 1/2 round soft loop dot, and round corner cut, safe for little hands from scratching and poking.


EVERYTHING YOU NEED: This bundle includes 1 sturdy binder, 156 colorful photo cards, 1 sentence strip (color may vary), 5 divider tabs, 1 easy pamphlet to understand the six steps of the pcs system, and 6 extra cards to expand your children language and cognitive development, I see, I feel, I hear, I smell, I touch, It is.



SYSTEMATIZED: The binder is well organized, each divider has its own category and labeled in 8 most commonly used categories. Food, Signs, Places Home Activities, Emotions, Actions, School, Toys & 6 Sentence Starters. (Please See Product Description for a list of the color plastic cards)

  • 156 Colored "Picture Symbols Cards" Pictures are:
  • Food (30) :cake, applesauce, yogurt, soup, candy, bread, Jello, juice, water, fish crackers, snack foods, milk, ice cream, rice, sandwich, cereal, French fries, noodles, hamburger, salad, dinner, lunch, breakfast, pizza, meat/fish, fruits, pancakes, hot dog, vegetables, chips. 
  • Boy Toys (30) :Lego's, skateboard, toy train, trike, airplane toy, stacking toy, ball, bounce on ball, puzzle, action figures, coil toy, instruments, board game, little people, blocks, stuffed animals, crayons, play dough, toy phone, dinosaur, boat, potato toy, shape sorter, sand toys, trampoline, beads, sketching toy, toy cars, book, and bubbles. 
  • School (15) :play, lunch box, homework, library, recess, break time, motor skills, computer, sports, bus, circle time, school, class, paint, arts & crafts.
  • Place to Go (15):store, zoo, park, museum, aquarium, trip, hair cut, swim, outside, doctor visit, party, theater, dentist, beach, special therapy.
  • In-Home Activity (15):TV, time with mom, time with dad, bathroom, set table, wash hands, clothes hamper, brush teeth, medicine, clean room, eat, get dressed, brush hair, sleep, bathe
  • Signs (15):finished, go, stop, loud, help, quiet, I want, yes, no, please, want, my turn, your turn, more, all-done.
  • Emotions (15) :surprise, embarrassed, happy, think, sad, proud, sick, tired, excited, disgusting, cold, mad, scared, hurt, hot.
  • Action Verbs (15) :drink, build, listen to music, walk, write, throw, sing, share, dance, sit, run, jump, cut, blow, choose.
  • (6) Sentence Starters : , I see__, I feel__, I hear__, I smell__, I touch__, It is __.


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